Payment Methods Rwanda

Before making payments, please make your order through our website and get an Invoice.

On your invoice page, you will get payment instructions and how much to pay.

Your account will then be registered automatically, account details and receipt will be sent to your email.

Domains and web hosting accounts are activated immediately, as the process is automated.

1. Automated MTN Money

On your invoice, click "Pay Now" button,
Then click "Mobile" icon, and select "Rwanda"
Then select "MTN Money" icon
Enter your phone number eg 0785062904
Tick terms and conditions and then click "Pay via Mobile"
You will be promoted to enter your MTN Money PIN and then click okay.

1. Automated Credit Card  Visa & Master Card

On your invoice, click "Pay Now" button,
Enter your name, card number, expiry date and CVV code
Tick terms and conditions and then click "Pay "

2. Manual MTN Money

On you MTN line, dial *182# and send money to 0785062904
Then send the transaction message to our email

3. PayPal
On your invoice, click PayPal icon,
You will then be redirected to to login to your Paypal account and complete the transaction.

Send payments to

4. Bank Deposit/ Funds Transfer

Account Name: Peter Irungu 
Account Number: 000426504717953
Bank Name: Bank of Kigali
Branch: Remere Branch
Bank Code: 00042
Swift Code: BKIGRWRW

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